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(Waylon studies the clipping points, while his support team seeks refuge under FD umbrellas.)

Vd –  So Waylon, we’ve seen you at all of the events in the past year. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started drifting.

WD – Well I was born in SoCal, raised in Norcal, Been in Vegas a little over 2 and a half years.  Got interested in drifting maybe 4 years ago.  Had a lot of trouble getting the ball rolling but I finally got my car together and sliding early ’09.

Vd –  What kind of upgrades have you done to your car?

WD – Like a lot of cars the mod list is huge but basically its a 1985 Nissan 200sx with a mild CA18DET swap.  The suspension is about 70% with coils up front and a stiff spring/shock combo out back.  Was making about 210whp with a SR T25G but I just put a GTiR T28 on it so we’ll see how she does now.

Vd – Your Nissan S-12 is pretty rare car in the drift scene, what was the deciding factor in choosing this platform?

WD – Honestly I got the car for free from my stepmom.  I didn’t even know wtf it was when I first saw it lol.  I liked the style right away and when I found out it was RWD that was it.  It had a blown headgasket and had been sitting under a tree for 2 years or so.  She said if I could fix it I could have it.    I brought it back to life with a replacement shortblock and then did the auto to manual swap since it was born as an automatic.  I drove it from NorCal to Vegas with no problems and the car was great.  All stock minus the 5 speed at that time.  The Vegas heat took it’s toll on the old head though.  Had a lot of trouble with the engine and with money so it sat for a while.  Things finally started coming together in ’09 and I got the CA18DET in and running.  Its been great all year.  The chassis definitely has its downsides like poor rear suspension design and NO aftermarket but I still love it.

Vd – What advice could you give people who are just starting to drift?

WD – Build your suspension first, not your engine.  I did it backwards lol.  A lot of new drivers are struggling not because they can’t drift but because they’re fighting the car.  A good setup is key but really just enjoy it.  Its not about who has the most expensive parts or the best looking ride.  Drifting is about you and the car.

Vd – As a dedicated drifter,do you have plans on competing in next year’s VD point series?

WD – Absolutely.  Wish me luck.

Vd – Ok, well it was good to catch up with you, I’m sure we will be seeing you at VD015.

WD – Thx VegasDrift for putting on these events and thx to my family and friends for the support.  I’ll see everyone out there.

(Waylon in his Nissan S-12 smokes out the spectators!)


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