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Vd – So Jordan, your not a new face in the local drift scene. Tell us how and why you started drifting.

JA – Well I’ve been interested in cars since i was a little kid thanks to my older brother Chi. Soon after i got my license I had fallen in love with driving. I knew i had to get into something but didn’t know where to put the passion. I always heard of drifting, seen all the videos and I thought it was going to be expensive and what no so I didn’t think much of it.Then me and my friends did some really dumb things like trying to race our moms mini vans, tray sliding Edwin’s eclipse, and then we ended up going to and “underground” parking lot to mess around. Next thing you know the car was “drifting” and we all fell in love with it. We did it everywhere after that and then I realize I’m to much of a wuss to get a ticket lol. We knew we needed a legal place to do it. After searching we found Vegasdrift and the rest is history…

Vd – What kind of upgrades have you done to your Rx-7 and Rx-8?

JA – The rx8 was stock with the exceptions of springs when i first started. Recently it has Tein flex’s and that’s about it. The rx7 is stock with a welded diff.but hopefully that will be different next year.

Vd – What other hobbies and interests do you have besides drifting?

JA – Right now all I’m doing is work, saving, drifting, trying to go to school. But when I do have free time its a lot of eating, wrenching and breaking things on the car. I do like to watch movies and anime. Hang out with the fellas,play video games, play ball when we are not lazy. Go to Autozone to bother Pete. Go on cruises and other random things…

Vd – What are your plans for 2011?
JA – My future plans for 2011 is to get as much seat time as I can and hopefully attend some out of state events. I will definitely get coil-overs at the least. turbo2 and a cage would be nice, but one step at a time right?
Vd – What key points could you give someone who wants to get into drifting?

JA – I wouldn’t be much help giving any advice on driving, but what I can tell them is what Mike Bolanos told me which was, “The funnest part of drifting is learning”. I agree, that is the best part of it. So I say just get whatever car you like and get out there. Stay off the streets, better putting money into the car than into a ticket. Learn from your mistakes and from everyone around you always ask questions. Seat time is the best investment, and don’t let anything put you down just keep at it and have the time of your life.

Vd – If you had to fist-fight someone (dead or alive from any time period), who would it be and why?

JA – If I had to fist-fight someone, it would have to be whoever invented insurance because of you I have to wait till I’m 25 till I can afford to drive. In all seriousness, it would be Bruce Lee though. Just to see how fast i would get whooped and I would like to see him fight in person.

Vd – Is there anyone you would like to thank or shout-out?

JA – Thanks to my family for supporting me with my love for drifting and ruining their garage and drive way with oil stains and parts. Thanks to my awesome set of friends/second family who always help each other out no matter what and being there when things seem impossible. (LB) Thanks to Nancy and her family for employing me 😛 Thanks to Mike B. and Nick D. for helping me out and giving pointers and advice. I would like to thank everyone in the drift scene because with out all of you guys things would not be possible. Especially Nick, Wes, Ace, Josh and all the Vegasdrift staff for giving us this opportunity.

Photo Credit

ThirdEyE Photography – Joel Cada

Driftfotos – Larry Chen


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