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Vd – First off, we would like to congratulate you on a successful pro-am season and obtaining a Formula Drift license. Tell us a little bit about yourself and fill everyone in on what “The Crab Broker” means.

DG – Second off, I would like to thank you and every other person who has been a positive influence for me this year.  Little bit about myself, Born in Vegas, Raised in Santa Cruz Ca. came back at 18. Been into cars and “screwing around” in them since I can remember. I try not to take anything to seriously, i love animals, enjoy being a food critic, love 80s and 90s music, slightly narcissistic. 28 years old, been doing sales/marketing for the family business “the crab broker” for 10 years. What do we do? Well in basic terms we sell crab. Really only Alaskan crab and we do it the best. Most people know of this stuff since the Tv show “deadliest catch”  has been a huge hit on the Discovery Channel. I got lucky and was featured for some brief seconds in season 4 lol. King crab season is NOW and we are the only company to really sell NEVER frozen Alaskan King Crab.

Vd –  Never frozen….nice. Was this your first pro-am season and how many different pro-am series did you run for 2010?

DG – Yeh this was my first season. Ive actually only hit 1 drift event ever before this year way back in 2002 maybe. I figured I could get a spot from being one of the local winners. I failed at the first 2 events getting my car sorted out/built and hit the last 2 with good qualifying runs but the lack of seat time hindered me in tandem causing me to not make one of the nationals spots. I still wanted to try and make it in and with 2 Topdrift events left I made my way over to see if I could squeeze in. With the 2 events placing top8 I managed to squeek in and get to nationals. So really 4 events and 2 tandem wins got me there.lol sad but true Forgot I hit XDC Vegas as well.

Vd –  It’s awesome to see Miatas out on the track, but your car just DUMPS smoke. What kind of mods have your done to the Miata and how long was the build time?

DG – Miata’s FTMFW!!!!!! Always have loved these cars, best car under 5k all day long! Nothing like it! If anyone paid any attention to each of my events they would have noticed that every event the car was far better then before. Once I got steering mods, got the tires figured out and the suspension The driving style just got a lot more aggressive and with pushing harder the angle gets better and wheel speed goes way up and the smoke starts. These new Hankook’s though have made a huge difference in how the car drives.

I actually built this car in like 6 months, 250whp version for the street like 6 years ago. I wanted the most bad ass, fastest miata around and it was quick but for some reason it sat in the garage as I dabbled in z06’s for those years. Hearing about this local series I went to the mini comp and placed 2nd with 0 setup or real know how. I quickly saw the things i needed to be competitive and got them installed. Power increase, hydro e-brake, suspension setup and tires. Now the car is basically a tin can with a built 1.8 motor pushing 370whp from a gt3076r turbo. I’m guessing it weights somewhere very close or under 2000lbs. Has modded steering knuckles for angle and a OS Giken LSD to keep it locked and pouring smoke.

Vd –  What advice could you give to someone who is just starting to drift?

DG – Keep it fun!! Seat time Seat time Seat time!! Suspension then power. There is no such thing as a dumb Question. Stay away from K-rails they hurt. Spend money once doing it right vs. twice doing it wrong. Don’t start with a Miata if you want to look like a hero. Consistency with car setup helps a lot(no mexican shop tires,different brands always ect)

Vd – So, what are your plans for FD 2011?

DG – Well right now the things that won’t change is the overall plan. Hit all 7 events. Qualify top 32 at every event. Maybe squeeze into a top 16 once?1?!?!?! Definitely going to try for Rookie Of The Year but there is a lot of new guys like myself with big plans so it’s going to be tough and it really would be icing on the cake. Main thing is pick up a lot of information, tons of seat-time and being in that environment I know I’ll learn from the best. Keeping a positive attitude, getting noticed, being exciting and meeting a lot of potential people for the future will also be high on the list of things needed to be successful.

The plans that are on the list but waiting for rulebook time are: v8 swap, whole new chassis,keeping current car as backup, or if the motor rule changes to manufacturer must match then who knows. Maybe just freshen some things up and upgrade a few things to handle the tortures coming ahead.

Vd –  Well, once again, congrats on getting licensed! We’ll be rooting for you out there! Is there anyone you would like to thank or companies you would like to plug?

DG – Thank you again, and thanks to any and everyone out there who gives a shit about me doing well. I know there are plenty of haters to keep me going so thank those of you too.lol  I’ll do my absolute best to make this opportunity everything it can be.

In the final word of thanks these are the people that made it possible and will continue to do so I’m sure till the very end.
  • My parents – crabbroker.com – best crab EVAR
  • My Girlfriend Jen
  • Eric my wing man – imageenvy.com – does anything I need him too.
  • Various friends helping out in the garage (Seth, Sean, Trent, Julian,Matt)
  • Larry Chen – driftfotos.com for making me look good
  • Vegasdrift – everyone who help put on these events to make guys like myself have a chance going further
  • JustDrift – same killer events and giving us opportunities
  • WhosDannyGeorge.com just cause
  • It’s late right now so sorry for anyone I forgot but Thank you for this opportunity, I appreciate all the help I get!


All Photos taken by Larry Chen —–>driftfotos.com


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