IFO/Southwest Drift Series - ProAm 2018 Rd 3 - Wild Horse Pass 10/28/2018

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What: Southwest Drift Series Pro/Am (Competition)
Where: Import Face-Off

Oct 28th 2018 (Sun)

Cost: $185.00 online Early Bird Registration until 10/25/2018 - $200.00 day of

FormulaDrift Pro 2 Licensing:
1st, 2nd and 3rd in Series Points will earn a Formula Drift Pro 2 License.


Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, AZ

Google Maps: 

Driver Bio – Announcer Info

Please navigate to SOUTHWEST DRIFT DRIVER BIO FORM and complete/update the form so that the announcer can have the most up to date and accurate info about you.

Competition Format – Rules and Regulations Download


Parking:  It is very important that we maintain Fire Lanes.  If you have a large tow vehicle/semi truck please email nick@vegasdrift.com so we can accommodate your rig.

Credentials/Check In/Tech:

Pro/Am Credentialing Hours:  Sunday          7:00am to 9:30am

  • Drivers must check in as soon as they arrive at the venue.  Credentialing will be located at Left 
    “Will Call/Ticketing” Building
  • Once all credentialing has been completed, bring your vehicle and all safety gear to the Technical Inspection Area at the Alamo Building Overhang
  • Unprofessional conduct and demeanor towards Southwest Drift Staff / WHMP staff may result in the revocation of credentials

ADVISORY: Fire-Lanes and Aisle-Ways

  • Each Team is allowed 1 support vehicle and will receive 1 Parking Permit for the Pit Area; all other crew/personal vehicles will park in the designated spectator parking area of the event.
  • Vehicles must remain clear of fire-lanes and aisle-ways at all times, even during setup. 
  • Vehicles authorized to enter the paddock must park within their designated booth space.


Open Practice:

o    Drivers are allowed as many runs as possible. 

o    Drivers will practice on a first come, first served basis. 

o    Practice is timed and will NOT be extended due to crashes, oil spills, driver availability, etc.

o    All Drivers that have sfi/fia racing suits should wear them at the drivers meeting. 


Qual/Tandem Judges

George Marstanovic

Joe Haven

Ernie Fixmer 

Special Guest Announcer

Faruk Kugay

*Southwest Drift Reserves the right to change Judges based on their availability*

EVENT SCHEDULE: October Sunday 28th, 2018







Venue Open: Open for Drivers




Vehicle Technical Inspection

Course Entry Bathroom Area



Mandatory Drivers Meeting/Safety Briefing

Course Entry Bathroom Area



Parade Lap / Couse Orientation




Open Practice




Qualifying Drivers Meeting with Judges

Start Line



Open Practice




Drivers Stage in Points Ranking Order

Hot Pit/Grid



QUALIFYING - All Drivers, Points Ranking Order




MANDATORY - Drivers’ Meeting; Qualifying Results

Course Entry Bathroom Area



Top 16 Practice




Top 16 Driver Introductions




Top 16 Tandem Competition




Award Ceremony



Course Cold/Site Clean Up



Competition Round Award Sponsors

Brian Crower - 1st Place $300.00 in Brian Crower Product

Battle Version - 1st Place $100.00 - 2nd Place $75.00 - 3rd Place $50.00

Drift Life Magazine - 1st, 2nd, 3rd Prize Pack and 1 Year Drift Life Mag Subscription


Season Champion Award Sponsors

BC Racing product sponsorship (1) BC Racing custom BR Series coilover kit

Turbo By Garrett - Turbo System Sponsorship Award

Sparco - FIA / Head Bolster / Hans Compatible Seat Award

KAAZ - 2 way or 1.5 way Differential Award

Competition Clutch - Clutch System

Official Hashtags and Social Media Sites




Instagram: @vegasdrift

Twitter: @vegasdrift


Official Media Partners

15 North Video


Drift Life Magazine

Maximum Driftcast

Everything Drift

Winding Highway


Media Briefing – MANDATORY 09:15AM

All media professionals must pre-register using this MEDIA APPLICATION form.

  • Media that have been approved for “Hot Area” access/”PHOTO” passes are required to attend the “Media Briefing”. 
  • “PHOTO” Credentials will only be handed out to those who are on the Media List and that have attended the full briefing.  NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Once the meeting ends, the required media vests will be issued.



Q: Do I need a Fire Racing Suit?

A: For this season, to advance into Top 16 Tandem Competition you will need a 2 Layer Race Suit meeting the  FIA 8856-2000 / SFI 3.2 A/5 Construction specs.  To participate in the practice and qualification portion of the event you will be required at a minimum to have a long sleeve shirt, pants, and closed-toed shoes


Q: What is the Helmet Specification Requirement?

A: Minimum SA2010 Full Face is required to move into Top 16 Tandem Competition.  To participate in the practice and qualification portion of the event we require at a minimum SA2005/M2005.  NO DOT ONLY


Q: Will there be on-site tire changing?

A: Yes, however, each driver must take their dead tires and dispose of them properly not on LVMS property.


Q: I do not have a cage, will I be able to participate?

A: Yes! you will be able to practice in a "Non-Caged" Practice Run Group (no tandem) and have the opportunity to earn points from Qualifying, but you will not be able to move forward in the competition to the "Top 8" or "Top 16" You will have to pass a normal "Vegasdrift Practice Event Tech inspection" the tech sheet can be found Here


Q: Will I be able to participate in Tandem with a bolt in cage?

A: No, this season to advance in Pro/AM tandem you must have a properly constructed DOM cage.  SFI padding is still required in the Drivers Head Space Area.


Q: How many "racing/bucket" seats are required for Tandem?

A: You will only need one "Bucket" Seat and at a minimum, a 5 point certified properly dated harness properly secured.  


Q: Do I need a full fire suppression system?

A: We require at a minimum one 2lbs – 5lbs extinguisher mounted securely with a quick release, within an arms distance, while the driver is seated. 


Q: Does my Battery need to be relocated to the Trunk, or inside the car?

A: No. But for tandem we do require a cutoff switch located on the USDM passenger cowl that will shut the car down, it must be secured properly with the positive terminal insulated. The cutoff switch must kill everything (ECU, Fuel System, Lighting) This will be tested at the tech inspection


Q: Can I pick my own number?

A: Yes, we will be taking special number w/Name requests for $20.00 a set.  Previous season competitor numbers will be held as a courtesy to the veteran driver. The order must be placed by October 20th 2018. If you do not want custom numbers you will receive one free set, any additional sets will be $15.00 each If you already chose a custom number that is your number for the year.  If you were issued a Standard Number Plate, and wish to have a custom # during registration checkout you can select the option.


Q: Will there be food onsite?

A: No, at this time Concession will not be available


Q: Are there bathrooms? 

A: Yes


Q: I registered for the Event Online do I still have to pay at the gate?

A: Yes there is still a venue fee 


Q: Are there Judging Protests? 

A: No – There are no judging protests as outlined in the driver agreement which is signed the day of the comp.


Q: What happens if my car breaks or I don’t pass tech am I eligible for a refund?

A: We have a No Refund Policy - It is the participant’s responsibility to bring/maintain a vehicle that continuously satisfies standard tech/safety requirements.  


Q: Will there be onsite registration?

A: If online event registration reaches the cap, there will not be day of event registration. 


Any other event/venue related questions please forward to info@vegasdrift.com or tech@vegasdrift.com


Venue Rules and Regulations




ALCOHOL: No consumption of alcohol is allowed by participants until all the participant’s on-track activity is completed for the day.


FIREWORKS & FIREARMS: No fireworks or firearms shall be displayed or discharged at Wild Horse Motorsports Park.


PARKING: All vehicles and trailers shall park only in areas designated by the event staff. All risks of vehicle or contents damage or theft remain with vehicles’ owners, drivers, riders and passengers.


PAVEMENT DAMAGE: Do not drive or drill stakes into the ground or asphalt. Underground utilities are everywhere. You are liable for utility and asphalt repairs.


TRASH DISPOSAL: Trash barrels are located throughout Wild Horse Motorsports Park Raceway. Please assist us in keeping the facility clean by using these barrels. Tires, vehicle parts, and vehicle batteries are not permitted to be disposed of on the facility. Please take them with you when you leave. If there is a fluid spill on the facility, there is Xorb available for clean up. Contact the Event Manager.


SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Participants are responsible for having and utilizing adequate vehicle and personal safety equipment. All vehicle, driver and passenger safety equipment shall be customary to motorsports racing industry and as required by applicable motorsports sanctioning bodies. Said equipment must be in full and effective use at all times a vehicle is on track.


VEHICLE CONDITION: Participants are responsible for their vehicles to be in safe and good working order at all times, suitable for on-track activity. Please do not allow any fluids to drip onto the track surface. Turn off vehicle’s air conditioner if so equipped.


PADDOCK & HOTPIT SPEED LIMIT: Keep all track vehicles to a speed of 10 MPH or less when not on the race track surface. This includes the hot pit area. When exiting the track surface as you are entering the up ramp into the hot pit area, the10 MPH speed limit starts. Also maintain 10 MPH exiting the hot pit area until you get to the bottom of the ramp entering the track surface.


HOTPIT: No Spectators, Bikes, Golf Carts, or Scooters are allowed in the hot pit. Only Officials and Spotters are allowed in the hot pit. Spotters must be in a designated area and stay within that area during a hot track session.


GOLF CARTS & SCOOTERS: All golf carts, scooters or pit vehicles shall not exceed a speed of 10 MPH and may only be operated by an adult. No minors are permitted to operate golf carts, scooters or pit vehicles.


LOOK TWICE: Be on the lookout while in the pit and paddock area – moving vehicles and pedestrians are everywhere. You are responsible for the safety of pedestrians, your safety and the safety of minors accompanying you.


Travel Safely!





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