Import Face-Off Drifting 3/17/2019 @ LVMS - Las Vegas, NV

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What: Drifting Portion of Import Face-Off
Who: All Skills Open Drift Practice and Mini Comp
Where: LVMS - North Drag Strip Lot
When: (Sunday) March 17th 10:00am - 4:30pm


  • $100.00 Online Pre-Registration until 3/15/2019
  • $120.00 Day of event registration

Venue Gate Fee: 1 Driver Pass included with registration

***Spectators/Crew Members***  Tickets can be purchased from this link IMPORT FACE-OFF TICKETS DISCOUNT WITH IMPORT FACE-OFF FLYER PRINTED FROM COMPUTER.

Course Configurations:  TBD


The "Best of Vegas" drift competiton is a portion Import Face-Off. Rules and Regulation listed Below In Full Description

  • Drift Practice
  • Ride-Alongs Available *(SEE RULES AND REGULATIONS BELOW)
  • Judged Single Car Drift Mini-Competition
  • Judging is NOT mandatory
  • Drivers can take practice runs instead of competing!!
  • NO WET SESH for this event :(


8:00a - LVMS Gates open

8:00a - 9:00a - Driver Check-in

9:30a - 9:45a - Mandatory Driver's Meeting

9:45a - 10:00a - Parade Lap

10:00a - 2:00p - Open Drift Practice

2:00p - 3:30p - (Optional) Single Car Judged Competition

*3:30p - 4:30p - Open Practice *(If Time is Available)

4:30p - 4:45p - Award Ceremony

From Import

The IMPORT FACE-OFF national car show and drag racing series will be in Las Vegas, NV on 3/17/19!

EVENT ACTIVITIES: Car/truck/bike show, drifting, 1/4 mile drag racing, burnout contest (time permitting), stereo contest, low car limbo, DJ, 2 step/rev competition, vendors, Open Drift hosted by

*Vendor inquiries -

Gates open 8am, racing starts at 10, eliminations around 2, event ends around 6pm. Car show and stereo registration from 9am to noon, absolute latest 3pm. Awards ceremony around 5:30.

Spectator $20 online, $22 with flier at gate, $25 without flier
Children 10 and under FREE
Car Show Entry $35 at gate $25 online (does not include free passenger pass).
Test and Tune Drag Racer $50 at gate $40 online (open to any make/model)
Competition Drag Racer $50 at gate $40 online (imports and sport compacts only)
Burnout Contest FREE
*Free pit side parking for spectators if purchase tickets online

If you would like to help pass out fliers while making some extra cash, please email your 1) full name, 2) complete mailing address, and 3) amount of fliers you'd like (envelope of 200 or box of 500) to Promoters are assigned a number and are paid on commission, $2 for every flier that comes in with your number on it. Spectators bring in the fliers because of the $2 off admission coupon. Checks are mailed out within a week after the event. The program pays well if you get enough fliers out. There are successful, repeat promoters every year at every location.


INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY:For event status info when the weather looks questionable, call the IFO phone line at 225-247-RACE (7223) or visit this link: (check for updates the Saturday and Sunday morning before an event - no sooner). If an event is completely canceled after gates have opened, spectators can use their arm band for discounted or free entry (depending on what time of the day event is canceled) into any future IFO. If event is canceled before eliminations begin, racers will receive free race admission into any future IFO. If a race is canceled after the first round of eliminations, payouts are split evenly with those left in the competition. Trophies for each race class will go to the fastest racer of the latest round. Once gates have opened, there are no refunds. This is standard policy for all outdoor events (motorsports or baseball) not just IFO. Do not come to an IFO event if you do not agree with this policy. If gates never open, complete refunds will be issued within 48 hours toall who purchased on-line tickets in advance.***


All Vehicles must pass a Technical/Safety inspection:

It is the Drivers Responsibility to make sure their vehicle is track ready. Please use the Inspection Tech Sheet as a reference of items that we will be looking for during the inspection. Common tech problems that cause vehicles to fail, are cracked windshields, improperly tied down batteries, belted tires, or any type of fluid leaks. Vehicles that fail the tech inspection won’t be allowed to run until the repairs have been verified by the Chief Steward. In the event that a vehicle does not continue to meet LVMS/Vegasdrift Safety/Technical standards throughout the day, the Chief Steward will be forced to pit the vehicle.

Driver Safety Equipment

All Drivers must wear long pants and closed toe shoes and at least a Snell 2005 rated helmet to participate. Functional seat belts or harnesses are required. No Refunds will be issued if the vehicle/safety equipment does not pass or continue to pass tech throughout the event.

All ride along participants must wear long pants and closed toe shoes and have their own Snell 2005 or better rated helmet. Drivers and passengers must keep their hands inside the vehicle at all times while on the track. Drivers are responsible for the conduct of their passengers. If an unsafe incident occurs due to a passenger distracting the driver or touching the vehicle controls, the driver will be liable for all damages and will be invited to leave.

Use this Tech Sheet as a reference as to what else will be required and inspected.

Passenger Ride Alongs - TBA

Cost: $15.00
Starts: 10:30am
*Must agree and sign the terms and conditions on the ride along waiver.
*Provide your own Helmet, long pants, and close toe shoes.

Due to Insurance Restrictions
*No Ride alongs for Minors

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Event form Links

Q: Will there be on-site tire changing?

A: No, guaranteed tire changing - there are 2 options less then 2 miles from the Track. Q: I do not have a cage,  will I be able to participate?

A: Yes! You will have to pass a normal "Vegasdrift Practice Event Tech inspection" the tech sheet can be found Here  You will be able to practice in a "Non-Caged" Practice Run Group (no tandem) and have the opportunity to participate in the "Single Run Competition", but you will not be able to participate in "Team Tandem/Tandem Trains" with out a proper cage. 

Q: Will I be able to participate in Tandem with a bolt in cage?

A: Yes, you can have a bolt in cage, but you must have welded in door bars.  SFI padding is still required in the Drivers Head Space Area.

Q: How many "racing/bucket" seats are required for Tandem?

A: You will only need one "Bucket" Seat and one certified harness

Q: Do I need a full fire suppression system?

A: We require at minimum one 5lbs extinguisher mounted securely with a quick release, within an arms distance, while the driver is seated.

Q: Does my Battery need to be relocated to the Trunk, or inside the car?

A: No. But for tandem we do require a cut off switch that will shut the car down, and it must be secured properly with the positive terminal insulated.

Q: Are there bathrooms?

A: Yes

Q: Will there be onsite registration?

A: If online event registration reaches the cap, there will not be day of event registration.

Forms and Tech Sheets 


Import Face-Off does not do media signups


IMPORTANT Venue Rules and Regulations 

PETS: Pets are not allowed 

ALCOHOL: No consumption of alcohol is allowed by participants until all the participant’s on-track activity is completed for the day. 

FIREWORKS & FIREARMS: No fireworks or firearms shall be displayed or discharged at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

PARKING: All vehicles and trailers shall park only in areas designated by the event staff. All risks of vehicle or contents damage or theft remain with vehicles’ owners, drivers, riders and passengers.  

PAVEMENT DAMAGE: Do not drive or drill stakes into the ground or asphalt. Underground utilities are everywhere. You are liable for utility and asphalt repairs. 

TRASH DISPOSAL: Trash barrels are located throughout the facility. Please assist us in keeping the facility clean by using these barrels. Tires, vehicle parts, and vehicle batteries are not permitted to be disposed of on the facility. Please take them with you when you leave. If there is a fluid spill on the facility, there is Xorb available for clean up. Contact a Vegasdrift staff member. 

SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Participants are responsible for having and utilizing adequate vehicle and personal safety equipment. All vehicle, driver and passenger safety equipment shall be customary to motorsports racing industry and as required by applicable motor sports sanctioning bodies. Said equipment must be in full and effective use at all times a vehicle is on track. 

VEHICLE CONDITION: Participants are responsible for their vehicle to be in safe and good working order at all times, suitable for on-track activity. Please do not allow any fluids to drip onto the track surface. Turn off vehicle’s air conditioner if so equipped. 

PADDOCK & HOTPIT SPEED LIMIT: Keep all track vehicles to a speed of 10 MPH or less when not on the race track surface. This includes the hot pit area. When exiting the track surface as you are entering the up ramp into the hot pit area, the15 MPH speed limit starts. Also maintain 10 MPH exiting the hot pit area until you get to the  track surface. 

HOTPIT: No Spectators, Bikes, Golf carts, or Scooters are allowed in the hot pit. Only Officials and Spotters are allowed in the hot pit. Spotters must be in a designated area and stay within that area during a hot track session. 

GOLF CARTS & SCOOTERS: All golf carts, scooters or pit vehicles shall not exceed a speed of 7 MPH and may only be operated by an adult. No minors are permitted to operate golf carts, scooters or pit vehicles. 

LOOK TWICE: Be on the lookout while in the pit and paddock area – moving vehicles and pedestrians are everywhere. You are responsible for the safety of pedestrians, your safety and the safety of minors accompanying you. 


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